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Welcome to Target Literature, your go-to destination for comprehensive English Literature resources! Catering to students pursuing B.A., M.A., NET-JRF, WB SET, GATE, CUET, PG Entrances, and TGT-PGT, we provide a treasure trove of class notes to enrich your academic journey.

Our educational platform is designed to empower students with a deep understanding of English Literature, fostering success in various academic pursuits. Whether you're preparing for university exams, competitive entrances, or postgraduate studies, Target Literature is here to guide you.

Our experienced educators curate meticulously crafted notes, ensuring clarity and depth in each topic. Navigate through your syllabus with ease, gaining insights that transcend the ordinary. At Target Literature, we believe in promoting a love for literature while nurturing scholarly excellence.

Join our community of ambitious learners, where knowledge meets innovation. Embrace the challenge of mastering English Literature, backed by a reliable resource hub. Unlock your academic potential with Target Literature – where excellence is not just a goal but a journey. Elevate your literary pursuits with us!

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Why Choose Us?

Skill Development

Our courses are thoughtfully curated to cover the latest industry trends and technologies. From technical skills to soft skills, we offer a wide range of programs to cater to various career paths.

Expert Instructors

We have a team of experienced instructors who are passionate about what they teach. They bring real-world expertise into the classroom, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date knowledge.

Interactive Learning

We believe that learning is most effective when it's engaging. Our courses incorporate hands-on projects, case studies, and interactive discussions to enhance your understanding and retention.


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Welcome, students! Dive into the world of English Literature with Target Literature. Whether you're tackling B.A., M.A., NET-JRF, WB SET, GATE, CUET, or PG entrances, we've got you covered. Our carefully curated class notes are your key to mastering the nuances of literature. Join us on this academic journey, where excellence meets innovation.

Explore a wealth of resources designed to make your studies seamless and insightful. Let's embark on this literary adventure together – at Target Literature, we're not just teaching, we're empowering you for success. Elevate your learning experience; choose Target Literature and unlock your full academic potential!


What they're saying about us

My experience has been excellent thus far. The talks were participatory and in-depth. These lectures have given me knowledge and enhanced my ability to think. Each idea is addressed one at a time and thoroughly explained. The lectures with multimedia content are excellent and remarkable.

Sanjay Sharma

I've had a great experience, and my understanding of the ideas is improving. Individual attention is provided. Coming here is fun for me. Every teacher, including the gentlemen, teaches in a way that makes everything extremely plain to all of us. They're all pleasant, and I enjoy talking to them.

Ajay Kumar

Considering my limited knowledge, I can categorically state that this is a "small package bada dhamaka." It is not possible to voice concerns regarding the quality of instruction and morals at this place. offers clearer, more understandable concepts.

Heena Rawat

For me, online coaching has changed everything. Both personally and professionally, I've advanced significantly as a result of their advice. The unique approach that coaches take to their work truly makes them stand out. They recognised my particular difficulties. and enabled me to get past them.

Sonu Saini

Every teacher, including the gentlemen, teaches in a way that makes everything extremely plain to all of us. They recognised my particular difficulties. and enabled me to get past them. Offers clearer, more understandable concepts.

Rahul Sangwan

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